Fathom Lane

Fathom Lane Cover
LAZY ***    3.52
SUGARDOWN ***    5.27
PERFECT DAY (Lou Reed cover) ***    5.03
ACHE ME    2.53
THE NIGHTSHADE ***    5.27
GREY DRESS    4.33
JACK KNIFE    3.48

***Recommended Tracks 1, 2, 4, 7.

This record can’t be painted with one brush: touches of country rock, 70s FM pop, experimental rock, jazz, Americana, and roots. And yet it still manages to best sound like itself.

Fathom Lane is Michael Ferrier: vocals, guitar, Rhodes, percussion; with Ashleigh Still: vocals and piano; Ben Glaros: electric guitar; Shane Akers (The Dollys): lap steel and dobro; Brian Roessler (Kid Dakota, Fantastic Merlins) bass; Pete Sands (Honeydogs): mellotron, piano, organ, accordion; and Peter Hennig (The Atlantis Quartet): drums.


FATHOM LANE’S SELF TITLED SECOND RECORD is a tremendous step forward. Their last, ‘Down By Half’, was a quite remarkable damn thing, a record of elegiac beauty that sounded like a cross between the Cowboy Junkies and, you know, someone less boring than the Cowboy Junkies, a Johnny Cash or someone with a touch of murder in his soul. This one, though, is 3/4 to Jimmy Webb-land — full of complex melodies, jazzy harmonies (courtesy the phenomenal Ashleigh Still) wrapped around a country heart and unexpected arrangement touches that jump out of nowhere. It’s another example of how quiet works marvelously — an album full of magnificent songs and gorgeous, hushed, echoey arrangements.”
-JON HUNT, l’etoile Magazine

“What a treat to hear Michael in this way. The songs on Fathom Lane’s lyricist and tender, intimate singer. That he’s pressing the record on vinyl makes perfect sense; there is a old-soul quality to this music that recalls bygone eras. File it next to your Joni Mitchell and Harry Nilsson records–or better yet, just leave it on the turntable to play again and again.”
– 89.3 KCMP The Current

“[Fathom Lane’s] debut ‘Down By Half’ is one of this year’s keepers. At its base, the band plays Gram Parsons-style country rock, with vocalist Ashleigh Still filling the Emmylou Harris role. But Ferrier takes the songs into unexpected places, with atmospheric jazz and folk flourishes. It’s a terrific, low-key collection that culminates in a gorgeous cover of Polica’s ‘Wandering Star.'”
– St. Paul Pioneer Press

“In each of these songs, there seems to be something that almost everyone who has ever fallen in love and has had those crash and burn moments can relate to.”
– KCSC Radio Chico, CA

“Ever wonder what indie folk-country sounds like? First off, yes, it does exist, and if your curiosity has been piqued, a brand new band out of the Twin Cities named Fathom Lane has released a pretty cool debut album, Down By Half. It was released earlier this month and it has quickly become my personal most listened to album.” – WWSP Stephens Point, WI
“It’s dark, deeply sad, ghostly and gorgeous. What kind of music is it? How about folk-pop-country-rock-indie-with-a-touch-of-Celtic-lullaby? Too many words. Let’s just call it good.” -MINNPOST

“Fathom Lane has the melancholy of a Tennessee Williams play, and the simplicity of someone finding their way in life. Most albums simply describe the feeling of love and loss, but Fathom Lane’s Down by Half is an album that conveys them, weary and ready to bloom.”

“TCDP Top Pick: Down by Half contains songs of quiet rumination and intimacy, with hints of folk-rock and cosmic cowboys.”
– TC Daily Planet

– Top 10 Minnesota Release of 2012, Pioneer Press
– Top 10 Song of the Year (#4), Minneapolis Star Tribune 2012 Critics Tally
– Top 10 Minnesota Release of 2012 Youa Vang, City Pages Minneapolis
– Top 10 Minnesota Release of 2012, and #1 Song of the Year, MinnPost
– Top Pick 2012, Gimme Noise Critics Poll, City Pages Minneapolis
– KTCZ Best of Minnesota Music 2012 – SONG OF THE DAY AM1700 Ypsilanti MI

FATHOM LANE MINES A DARK, RICH VEIN OF COSMIC AMERICAN MUSIC IN FATHOM LANE, MICHAEL FERRIER’S voice is intertwined with that of Ashleigh Still. And Ferrier delivers the goods in the songwriting department: “…basically, he could show up in Laurel Canyon circa-1970 and nobody’d kick him out of bed for eating crackers. It’s good damn stuff, even better than the last go-round, and he’s every bit the songwriter you want him to be for slinging this breed of Canyon Rock, which basically lives or dies on the quality of the songs.” l’etoile magazine.