Winchester Revival

Winchester Revival Cover

*Recommended Tracks 4, 3, 2.

“eyes in the canopy” produced by Winchester Revival engineered by Ian Swanke mixed by Ian Swanke and Andrew Lund mastered by Justin Weis at Trakworx,
south San Francisco artwork by Elana Gurewitz.

Winchester Revival:
Ron Cruz ~ bass
Andrew Lund ~ guitars, backing vocals
Matt Glick ~ electronics
David Rosenheim ~ lyrics, voice
Kirk Snedeker ~ drums

Winchester Revival, a band based in the East Bay, California. They first started writing, recording and performing in late 2012. “eyes” was recorded during the summer of 2013.
Their sound stems from an array of influences. From the intensity of post punk to the mindfulness of LA 70’s pop to the etherealness of the shoegazers, their music conveys an underground, organic approach and spirit while remaining easily accessible. People who like the songs will play them repeatedly and will appreciate the new details that emerge with each listen.
WinRev was carefully assembled from the dust and sparks of other bands-past, all of which recorded and toured the U.S. and Europe extensively. It began as a trio of guitar/bass/ drums where the musical connection between them was instant and undeniable. The addition of equally compatible vocals and electronics made WinRev complete.


“Eyes in the canopy” is the 4 track debut EP from California quintet Winchester Revival, a band with a sound that finds home in genres like noise rock, post-punk and indie….They do shine like in the melancholic rocker “Matterhorn”, a song that bring thoughts to both The Smiths and Radiohead.” -Palace of Rock

If you imagine the Killers and Mansun heading back to the 80s to record a track with Duran Duran on production duties then you’re getting close to the sound created on ‘Wonderland’ which is as ridiculous and gorgeous as it you imagine. The closing track is ‘Submarine Bell’, a track with Echo & The Bunnymen swagger and darkly sexy intent that you wouldn’t want to meet on a dark night but then again…..maybe you would. Winchester Revival are one of those bands that might not get a huge amount of success in the US but their sound will travel well and UK audiences are sure to lap this up. Beautiful stuff.  -Listen with Monger (UK)


Cobbled together from the dissolved personnel of at least a half dozen other bands, Winchester Revival offers a buoyant blending of contemporary alt-rock with a handle on the effortless fun married into songwriting. Their new 4-song EP features jangly rhythms, mesmerizing guitar solos, hi-hat heavy percussion and six minute major-key song structures (think Counting Crows and Rusted Root) … Eyes in the Canopy is perfect camping music with its loose structures, washed out guitar solos, simple anthemic choruses and knowable hook…. a promising debut.  -Performer Magazine
‘Chemical Yellow’ sets the scene with epic, widescreen rock, reminiscent of the early work of The Stills. From early impressions it appears that these guys don’t “do” subtle but ‘Matterhorn’ does actually take a slightly more understated approach. Elegant synth washes build up a quietly mysterious atmosphere on the verses and even though the chorus is strident and breast-beating, “WinRev” (to give them their abbreviated name) are canny enough to make the contrast work and it’s the best track on here. The strangest track, however, is ‘Wonderland’ where the 1980’s style guitars take the song in one direction but the intense delivery of lyrics such as “so fucking hungry all the time” push the song to an almost contradictory raucous, punk-ish destination. Then ‘Submarine Bell’ ends the EP in incendiary fashion but for all the crisp cymbal thrashing and howled vocals, it’s an overly proggy ending to a promising EP.

One could imagine Winchester Revival being a great act on the live front with their no-holds barred delivery. On record, they sound like a collection of earnest indie rockers with no intention of following any trends or satisfying demographics but based on the material from ‘Eyes In The Canopy’ that’s definitely something to admire them for.  -Leonard’s Lair (UK)