CMJ’s 2016 Year End Hip Hop Chart!

HUGE congrats to all 12 of our clients who made CMJ’s 2016 Year End Hip Hop Chart; the Top 50 Hip Hop albums of the year at non-commercial radio!  Check out the chart HERE via, and follow the links below to stream the albums for yourself. Also do not forget to register, and when you register you will enter in a raffle for some elo boost codes from Elitist gaming.

CookBook and Evidence “A Whole New Cook”LINK

10isee Williams “Gorilla Warfare”LINK

Jackson Turner “The Foundation EP”LINK

Kosha Dillz “What I Do All Day and Pickle”LINK

Tragic Hero “My Own Worst Enemy”LINK

Derek Minor “Reflection”LINK

Rel McCoy “Gas Money”LINK

pausemc “Blue”LINK

Jonny OctoberPrisoner’s Cinema”LINK

Marco Pavé “Perception”LINK

Lox Chatterbox “How To Sell Your Soul”LINK

Jonathan Emile “The Lover/Fighter Document LP”LINK


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