If you’re interested in Tinderbox pursuing press on your behalf please submit your music to us either digitally or by hard copy and be sure to include your one sheet and please address your package to Krista Vilinskis. If we feel we can really do something for you we will let you know. Good press isn’t easy to obtain so if we are passionate about your music chances are we will be able to obtain press for you.

Our publicist has over 20+ years of experience and has established great relationships with many major music publications and critics over the years that can help to get your CD listened to more quickly and considered for review.

 We have received press for artists in many national publications such as Billboard, Magnet, BLURT, Acoustic Guitar World, The Big-Takeover, Performer Magazine, Spin, No Depression, Americana UK and Playback: STL, PASTE to name a few and weekly’s including Village Voice, The Onion, OC Weekly, New York Press, City Pages, Cincinnati City Beat, Dallas Observer, Seattle Weekly, The Stranger and many others. Tinderbox also works closely with several online sites including BBC, Current.org, Cities97.com, NPR’s All Songs Considered & NPR Second Stage, World Cafe, Music Emissions, Rollingstone.com, Pop Matters, Daytrotter.com, MTV.com, Delusions of Adequacy, Absolute Punk, RapReviews.com, Okayplayer.com, 2dopeboyz, Glide Magazine, babysue and Powerpopaholic and many other great indie review sites. We also work with a plethora of out of the country publications.

Tinderbox can be hired for any of the following: obtaining local press for a CD release date such as your hometown’s daily, weekly or college papers, receiving regional press for out of town touring such as statewide papers and/or national publications like weekly, monthly or bi-monthly music magazines, blogs and other online review sites. The kind of press that can occur is a possible review of your CD, an honorable mention regarding an upcoming show, a review of your live performance, and or a feature story about your music and or band. The type of press your band obtains obviously depends largely on how much the music critic likes your music.

Most media publications require a copy of your current physical disc and or to be digitally serviced with your recent music along with an up-to-date one sheet.

 Feel free to reach out to Krista directly to inquire further about hiring Tinderbox for PR services and or if you would like further information regarding one sheets.

Previous to Current press clients to date:

Brandon Smith “Treasure Hunt” (2014): Local Campaign

Goodnight Tonight “Watch The Rain” (2014): National Campaign

Jones Dickens, The “Nine” (2014): Local Campaign

Matt Hannah “Let the Lonely Fade” (2014): Local & National Campaign

Michael Ray & The Nasty Notes “The Higher You Climb” (2014): Local Campaign

Our Friends & The Spiders “Walk Me Out” (2014): National Campaign

Persian Leaps, The “Praise Elephants” (2014): Local Campaign

Vicky Emerson “Dust and Echoes” (2014): Local Campaign

Wesley Wolfe “Numbskull” (2014): National Campaign

batteryboy “Up For Air” (2013): Local Campaign

Botzy “Buckfotzy” (2013): Local Campaign

Delphia Belize “West River” (2013): Local Campaign

Farewell Circuit, The “We Were Wolves” (2013): Local & National Campaigns

Fathom Lane “Down By Half” (2013): National Campaign

Fathom Lane self-titled (2013): Local Campaign

Grrrl Prty “Wegula” (2013): Local Campaign

Homeless & The Van Gobots, “Twenty Dirt” (2013): Local Campaign

Kathleen Haskard “Where the Land Meets the Sky” (2013): National Campaign

Kazyak “See the Forest, See the Trees” (2013): Local Campaign

Korda Showcase, The “Korda Kompilation” (2013): Local Campaign

Lake Cambrian “Peach” (2013): National Campaign

Level Head’s, The “Head’s Up” (2013): Local Campaign

Mark Andrew self-titled (2013): Local & National Campaigns

New Standards, The “Sunday Morning Coming Down” (2013): Local & National Campaigns & Tour Support

Paul Doffing “Blossom Is You” (2013): Local Campaign & Tour Support

Pennyroyal “Baby I’m Against It” (2013): Local Campaign

Peter Bruntnell “Retrospective” (2013): Local Campaign

Reckless Ones self-titled (2013): Local Campaign

Ross Kleiner & The Thrill “You Don’t Move Me” (2013): Local Campaign

Sarah Donner “Fossil Of Girl” (2013): National Campaign

Sexy Delicious “Too Hot To Bother” (2013): Local & National Campaigns

Tom Selleck’s Moustache “Heartbreak 101” (2013): Local Campaign

Umbrella Bed “Refill” (2013): Local Campaign

Verskotzi “Lemon Heart” (2013): Local & National Campaigns

Wheel Workers, The “Past to Present” (2013): National Campaign

Will Bauermeister “110 Objects” (2013): Local Campaign

9 Tomorrows “Gravity in Love” (2012): Local & National Campaigns & Tour Support

Badinovs “Fess Up” (2012): Local Campaign

Barbara Jean  “The Great Escape” (2012): Local Campaign

Ben Rosenbush & the Brighton “A Wild Hunger” (2012): Local Campaign

Chalice, The “We Are The Chalice” (2012): Local Campaign

Demographics “If Ever” (2012): Local Campaign

Ecid “Werewolf Hologram” (2012): Local Campaign

Farewell Circuit, The “In Our Bones” (2012): Local & National Campaigns & Tour Support

J. Otis Powell “Balm!” (2012): Local Campaign

Jason Masi “Life is Wonderful” (2012): Limited National Campaign

John Mark Nelson “Waiting & Waiting” (2012): Local Campaign

Katy Vernon “Before I Forget” (2012): Local Campaign

Mary Bue “Apple in the Ocean” (2012): Local Campaign

Paul Doffing “Freedom From Fuel Tour” (2012): Tour Support

Paul Spring self-titled (2012): Local Campaign

Phil Barry “Between the Carolinas” (2012): Local & National Campaigns

Sean Renner “Sekhmet” (2012): National Campaign

Small Cities, The “With Fire” (2012): Local & National Campaigns & Tour Support

Steve Sullivan & the Factory “Evil is a Man Made Thing” (2012): Local Campaign

Swallows “Witching & Divining Folk Tales From The Harvest Home To The Crossroads” (2012): Local Campaign

Vision The Kid & Tru Present “BrokenRadioLove” (2012): Local Campaign

Vision The Kid “Lost Summer” (2012): Local Campaign

Weaver At The Loom “Before Now, Was Then” (2012): Local & National Campaigns

Arthur Yoria “Handshake Smiles” (2011): National Campaign & Tour Support

Bethesda “Dreamtiger & Other Tales” (2011): National Campaign

BNLX “#6” (2011): Tour Support

Dan Rodriguez self-titled (2011): Local Campaign

Dark Pony “Suburban Serenade” (2011): Local & National Campaigns

Junkyard Empire “Acts of Humanity 1 & 2” (2011): Local & National Campaigns

MN Beatle Project “Vol. 3” (2011): Local & National Campaigns

Nada “The Songs of Leonard Cohen” (2011): National Campaign

No Birds Sing “Theft of the Commons” (2011): Limited National Campaign

Original Mark Edwards, The “Tired Birds” (2011): Local & National Campaigns

Prof “King Gampo” (2011): Local & National Campaigns

Sunny Era, The “Gone Missing” (2011): Local Campaign & Tour Support

Taylor Baggott “Pick Me Up” (2011): Local Campaign

Usual Things, The “Middle Coast” (2011): Local Campaign

Verskotzi “Lesson Learned” (2011): Local & Limited National Campaigns

Admiral Byrd “Goodbye Cruel Worldview” (2010): Local & National Campaigns

Bears of Blue River, The “The Killer Bee Scare” (2010): Tour Support

Brad Kern Benefit – Semisonic, Mason Jennings, Twilight Hours, The Hang Ups, Two Harbors (2010): Local Campaign

Brian Traster “The Tourist EP” (2010): Limited Local Campaign

Casanatra “Split the Atom Again” (2010): Local Campaign

Deep Soul Deities “Strange Brew” (2010): Local Campaign

E.G. Bailey “American Afrikan” (2010): Local & National Campaign

Ellis “Right on Time” (2010): Local & National Campaigns

Faded Paper Figures “New Medium” (2010): Local Campaign

Farewell Circuit, The “EP  Brother’s Eyes” (2010): Local Campaign

Farewell Circuit, The “LPE Bird Less Sky” (2010): Local Campaign

Future Antiques “Another Twisted Ending” (2010): Local Campaign

Honeydogs, The “Best Of” (2010): Local Campaign

Jason Masi “Balance & Pull” (2010): National Campaign

Joey Ryan & The Inks “Well, Here We Are, Then” (2010): Limited National Campaign

Junkyard Empire “Rebellion Politik” (2010): National Campaign

Kill-Me Care Bare “Just For Fun” (2010): Local Campaign

Lost Shepherds self-titled (2010): Local Campaign

Music Serving the Homeless in the Twin Cites “Think Out Loud” – Chris Koza, The Farewell Circuit, Chastity Brown, Cloud Cult, Roma di Luna, Charlie Parr, Pieta Brown, The Pines, Trampled by Turtles, Ben Kyle ( 2010): Local Campaign

Nathan Miller and the Unstoppable Company “Hush” (2010): Local Campaign

Rockford Mules, The “Ma They Broke Me” (2010): Local Campaign & Tour Support

Ryan Traster “The Tourists” (2010): Local Campaign

Sean Renner “The Blossoms of Armageddon” (2010): Limited National Campaign

See More Perspective “Architectural Design” (2010): Local Campaign

Sextons, The self-titled (2010):  Local & National Campaigns

Space, Land & Time self-titled (2010): Local Campaign

Swallows “Songs for Strippers (& Other Professions)” (2010): Local Campaign

Sweet Colleens, The “The Monkey Dance: All The Kids Are Doin’ It!” (2010): Local & National Campaigns

Telepathos “For the Voiceless” (2010): Limited Local Campaign

Van Go Bots, The “Guantanamo Beach Party” (2010): Local & Limited National Campaigns

Woodlands, The self-titled (2010): Limited National Campaign

757s, The, “Freeway Surrender” (2009): Local & National Campaigns

Ada Jane “Again…Again” (2009): Local & National Campaigns

After All “What We Know Now” (2009): Local Campaign

Alva Star “Escalator” (2009): Local & National Campaigns

Arrest, The “01” (2009): Local & National Campaigns

Ben Connelly “The Great I Don’t Know Why” (2009): Local Campaign

Billy Johnson “It’s A Good Life” (2009): Local Campaign

Black Blondie “Do You Remember Who You Wanted To Be” (2009): Local & National Campaigns

Bunny Clogs “More! More! More!” (2009): Local & National Campaigns

Casanatra “Death Ride” (2009): Local Campaign

Citizen Sage self-titled (2009): Local Campaign

Dusty Strobe Lights, The “EP Summer” (2009): Local Campaign

Faded Paper Figures “Dynamo” (2009): National Campaign

Guante & Big Cats! “An Unwelcome Guest” (2009): Local Campaign

Hello Operator “The Breaks” (2009): National Campaign

Honeydogs, The “Sunshine Committee” (2009): Local & National Campaigns

Humbugs, The “On the Upside” (2009): National Campaign

Josh Fix “This Town is Starting to Make Me Angry” (2009): National Campaign

Lazlo Supreme self-titled (2009): Local Campaign

Meredith Fierke “The Procession” (2009): National Campaign

Middlestates “Happy Fun Party” (2009): Local Campaign

Mighty Fairly “Big Words & Power Chords” (2009): Local & National Campaigns

Parlotones, The “A World Next Door to Yours” (2009): National Campaign

Peter Adams “I Woke With Planets In My Face” (2009): National Campaign

Rockford Mules, The “From the Devil’s Spit to Angel’s Tears” (2009): Local Campaign

Spaceships Are Cool “Let Things Go” (2009): National Campaign

Streetlab self-titled (2009): National Campaign

Tina & the B. Sides “10 Year Reunion MN Zoo Show” (2009): Local Campaign

Twilight Hours, The “Stereo Night” (2009): Local Campaign & Tour Support

Two Harbors “All the Places We Would Rather Be” (2009): Local Campaign

Willard Overstreet “Something To Hold Onto” (2009): Limited National Campaign

Wooldridge Brothers, The “Days Went Around” (2009): Local Campaign

757s, The “Tell The Pilgrims It’s A Potluck” (2008): Local Campaign

Alex Goldfarb “Keys For Locks” (2008): Local Campaign

All The Way Rider “The Eagle’s Revenge” (2008): Local Campaign

Bella Koshka “Slow Dancing on the Ocean Floor” (2008): Local Campaign

Blend, The “Losing the Game” (2008): Local Campaign

Blue Worm Records “10 Year Anniversary Show” (2008): Local Campaign

Breakups, The “EP Eat Your Heart Out” (2008): National Campaign

Cecil Otter “Rebel Yellow” (2008): Local & National Campaigns

Dallas Orbiter “Motorcycle Diagrams” (2008): Local & National Campaigns

Deaths, The “Centralia” (2008): Local & National Campaigns

Doomtree self-titled (2008-2010): Local & National Campaigns & Tour Support

Down & Above “Hold Your Breath for a Rising Tide” (2008): Local Campaign

Elam “Daybreak Sleeper” (2008): National Campaign

Ellis “Break the Spell” (2008): Local & National Campaigns

Faded Paper Figures “Dynamo” (2008): National Campaign

Great Depression, The “Forever Altered” (2008): Local & National Campaigns

Honeydogs, The “Amygdala”  (2008): Local Campaign

Ian Axel “I’m On To You” (2008): Tour Support & National Campaign

Jeremy Messersmith “The Silver City” (2008): Local & National Campaigns & Tour Support

Kristin Mooney “Hydroplane” (2008): National Campaign

Lovers Show, The self-titled (2008): Local Campaign

Mackintosh Braun “The Sound” (2008): National Campaign

Meredith Fierke “The Procession” (2008): Local Campaign

Mike Mictlan & Lazerbeak “Hand Over Fist” (2008): Local & National Campaigns

New Standards, The “Rock & Roll” (2008): Local & National Campaigns & Tour Support

Owen Sartori “Another Beautiful Day in the Cube (2008): Local Campaign

Peter Adams “I Woke With Planets in My Face” (2008): Local & National Campaigns

Provention Concert “Concert for People, Peace & the Planet” – Nelle McKay, Dan Wilson, The Honeydogs, The New Standards, Haley Bonnar, The Twilight Hours, Jeremy Mesersmith (2008): Local Campaign

Quarter Acre Lifestyle “Blood on the Lawn” (2008): Local & National Campaigns

Rachel Ries “Without A Bird” (2008): Limited National Campaign

Schaeffer “Something Worth Fighting For” (2008): National Campaign

Small Cities, The self-titled (2008): Local & National Campaigns & Tour Support

Terry Eason “Sentimental Vanity” (2008): Local & National Campaigns

This is Radio Freedom self-titled (2008): National Campaign

Van Go Bots, The self-titled (2008): Local & Limited National Campaigns

Victory Ship “Before the Fall” (2008): Local Campaign

X-Ray Hip “New American Lady” (2008): Local Campaign

Yer Cronies “When I Grow Up” (2008): Local Campaign

A Verse Unsung “The Autumn E.P.” (2007): National Campaign

A’Tris “Of the Commons” (2007): National Campaign

Arthur Yoria “I’ll Be Here Awake” (2007): National Campaign & Tour Support

Bad Plus, The “Prog” (2007): Local Campaign

Boneless Children Foundation “Stars For Anyone” (2007): Limited National Campaign

Chad Whittaker “Cactus Tree Motel” (2007): Local Campaign

Flying Machines “Stereocracy” (2007): National Campaign

Glorious Monster “Adventures on Earth” (2007): National Campaign

Glorious Monster “In the Movies Remix EP” (2007): Local Campaign

Grayshot “Waiting Days” (2007): Local Campaign

Great Depression, The “Preaching to the Fire” (2007): Local & National Campaigns

Jessy Greene “A Demon & Her Lovers” (2007): Local Campaign

Josh Aran “Water to Wash Water Away” (2007): Local Campaign

Mary Bue “Boat With No Oars” (2007): Local Campaign

Nathan Miller “Bombs & Hustle” (2007): Local Campaign

New York City Smoke “Musique Noir” (2007): National Campaign

Original Mark Edwards, The “Doom Loop” (2007): Local & National Campaigns

Pictures of Then “Crushed By Lights” (2007): Local Campaign

Redstart “So Far From Over” (2007): Local & National Campaign

Scattered Trees “Songs For My Grandfather” (2007): Local & National Campaigns

Self Evident self-titled (2007): Local Campaign

These Modern Socks self-titled (2007): Local & National Campaigns

Umbrella Sequence, The “Events” (2007): Local & National Campaigns & Tour Support

Ada Jane “Never Been Better” (2006): Local & National Campaigns

Jeremy Messersmith “The Alcatraz Kid” (2006): Local & National Campaigns & Tour Support

Kava Kava “Maui” (2006): National Campaign

Pete Hoffman “Measured Doses” (2006): Local Campaign

Quarter Acre Lifestyle self-titled (2006): Local Campaign

Reuben Lindh Family Services “Down by the Riverside” – Dan Wilson, Mason Jennings, The Jayhawks, The Flops, John Munsan, Kristin Mooney, Eric Haywood, Chan Poling, Robert Skoro, Martin Zeller, Adam Levy, Jake Slichter, The Brothers Frantzich, Brian Tighe (2006): Local Campaign

Willis, The “Bathtub, Lightbulb, Heart Attack” (2006): Local Campaign

Chris Koza “Exit Pesce” (2005): Local Campaign

Dallas Orbiter “Magnesium Fireflies” (2005): Local & National Campains & Tour Support

Divorcee “Music For Clean-Up Men, Breakdown & In-Betweeners” (2005): Local & National Campaign

Friends with Benefits Cystic Fibrosis Benefit “Friends With Benefits” –Mike Gunther and His Restless Souls, The Owls, The Idle Hands, Heavy Sleeper, The Chris Miller Band, Romantica, The Hang Ups , Spagetti Western Strin Co, The Pines, Autumn Leaves, Deep Pool, The Malmbergs, The As We Go Alongs, The Deaths (2005): Local Campaign

Midwest Music Summit – Festival & Conference (2005): Local & National Campaigns & Moderator for the Press Panel

New Standards, The self-titled (2005): Local & National Campaigns & Tour Support

Peter Adams  “The Spiral Eyes” (2005): National Campaign

Restart Inc. Brain Injury Benefit “Bands for Brain Injury” – James Diers, Marlee MacLaeod, Tim O-Regan, Joanna James, The Grassy Knolls, The Owls (2005): Local Campaign

Catlick Records (2004-2005): Local & National Campaigns

Great Depression, The “Unconscious Pilot” (2004): Local & National Campaigns

Hang Ups, The self-titled (2004): Local & National Campaigns & Tour Support

Honeydogs, The “10,000 Years” (2004): Local & National Campaigns

Josh Aran “Between Us There Arose Happiness” (2004): Local Campaign

Landing Gear “Break-up Songs for Relationships that Never Happened” (2004): Local & National Campaigns & Tour Support

Owls, The “Our Hopes and Dreams” (2004): Local Campaign

Pete Hoffman “Mermaid on the Rocks” (2004):Local Campaign

Pleasant Stitch “Capacitor” (2004): Local Campaign

Robert Skoro “Proof” (2004) : Local Campaign & Tour Support

Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers “Americano” (2004): Local & National Campaigns & Tour Support

Safes, The “Family Jewels” (2004): National Campaign & Tour Support

Tina Schlieske solo (2004): Local & National Campaigns & Tour Support

Umbrella Sequence, The “The Disappearing Line: Athena” (2004): Local Campaign

Halloween, Alaska self-titled (2003): Local & National Campaigns

Matt Marka “Goodbye Gracious” (2003): Local Campaign

Scott Laurent “The Truth is Lies” (2003): Local & National Campaigns & Tour Support

Trampoline Records “Greatest Hits Vol. I” – Pete Yorn, Mark Dauer, Rami Jaffee (2003): Local Campaign

Umbrella Sequence, The “Sparkler Cliché” (2003): Local Campaign

Humbugs, The “Stereotypes” (2002): Local & Limited National Campaigns

Pete Hoffman “Crawling Tall” (2002): Local Campaign

Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers “Sonora Hope & Madness” (2002): Local & National Campaigns & Tour Support

Alva Star “Alligators in the Lobby” (2001): Local & National Campaigns

Arson Welles “Inside the System is a Spark” (2001): Local & National Campaigns

Divorcee “Lovesick” (2001): Local & National Campaigns

Great Depression, The “Heaven is Becoming” (2001): Local & National Campaigns

Honeydogs, The “Islands of Misfits”  (2001): Local Campaign

Dallas Orbiter self-titled (2000): Local Campaign

Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers “Real to Reel” (2000): Local & National Campaigns & Tour Support

Kurt Newmann “Shy Dog” (2000) Local & National Campaigns & Tour Support

Arson Welles “Who in the Blazes is Arson Welles” (1999): Local & National Campaigns

Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers “Honkeytonk Union” (1999): Local & National Campaigns & Tour Support

Tina Schlieske & The B-Sides “The Last Polka” (1999): Local & National Campaigns & Tour Support

Scott Laurent “Better Off” (1998): Local & National Campaigns & Tour Support

Tina Schlieske & The B-Sides “It’s All Just the Same” (1998): Local & National Campaigns & Tour Support

Tina Schlieske & The B-Sides “Lola_The Red Album” (1998): Local Campaign

Scott Laurent “Caposville (1996): Local & National Campaigns & Tour Support

Tina Schlieske & The B-Sides “Salvation” (1996): Local & National Campaigns & Tour Support

Tina Schlieske & The B-Sides “Monster”  (1994): Local & National Campaigns & Tour Support