Feedback Revial

Led by singer extraordinaire Dan Fenton, Feedback Revival will bring to life a canvas painted by the likes of Tom Waits, Led Zeppelin, MC5, performing songs that depict the struggles of human condition. Throw in a pinch of salted Jack White and a dash of peppered up Stooges, and there you have it. A band to spice up your rock and roll listening experience. Formed and reformed, the band is a combination of some of Nashville’s tightest musicians. Musical factotum, Alex Horton brings not only pocketed grooves on the bass but saturates the bands sound with soulful and haunting keys. Taylor Powell, seasoned veteran of the Nashville music scene plays drums like a man possessed. Thunderous and precise, blow after blow. Doctor Nathan Mcfarland is seemingly reserved and calm till his fingers grace the the strings and then all bets are off. Educated in classical guitar, but reborn into rock n’ roll, Nathan’s every riff speaks a thousand words whether it’s two notes or the whole scale. Feedback Revival is part heretic, part holy roller, but all rock n’ roll.