She Bears

What began 6 years ago as a seven-piece college band in Athens, Ohio has matured into a full-forced indie rock foursome. Despite changing a few band members and relocating to Columbus, Ohio, She Bears have maintained a high level of musical creativity with their unique songwriting and infectious energy. The remaining Bears (Pence, Douglas, Franz, and Eiler) infuse elements of guitar, bass, drums, synth, vocals, and glockenspiel to create a modern alternative indie rock sound which they refer to as “Slacker Pop.” Over the last few years, the guys have been on a number of regional tours including stops at the Nelsonville Music Festival (2011 & 2012), Weapons of Mass Creation Festival (2011 & 2012), and the ACRN Lobsterfest (2008 through 2012).

She Bears released a full-length album, I Found Myself Asleep in 2010, and a 3-track EP, We Claimed to be Statues in 2012. Most recently, the Bears have been putting the final touches on their first full-length album as a four-piece, which was released in January, 2014, followed by another tour in Spring 2014. Expect the album to be full of driving progressions layered with intricate riffs that are discreetly blended behind daydream-inducing vocals, and expect the tour to be a raucous party of celebration and enjoyment; afterall that’s what She Bears do best. It’s really no surprise how quickly they gain new fans wherever they tour; their collective sound reflects the generational moods and tones of the alternative -indie-rock loving youth of the early 21st Century – a sound otherwise known as Slacker Pop.
Band Interests
Drinking, reading, talking, and lots of other things.
Artists We Also Like
Yourself and the Air, Modest Mouse, Shapes & Sizes, Yo La Tengo, Red Red Meat, Pavement, Built to Spill, Pomegranates, Fugazi, Netherfriends, Mira Loma & the Bad Vibes