The Great Depression


The Great Depression recorded their first LP in 1995 after being invited to quit their day jobs and spend a summer at the luxuriously isolated (some say haunted) Pachyderm Studio in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. They continue to convene in Cannon Falls for long stretches of sonic exploration and revelry.

Over the years, they released three widely acclaimed recordings, ‘Unconscious Pilot’, ‘Preaching to the Fire’ and ‘Prefix EP’ via the infamous Fire Records of London.

Todd Casper spent ten years in Copenhagen writing music for Scandinavian film and television. He also wrote music for Tivoli Gardens (the music continues to play every day in the world famous park) as well as the background music for several Lars Von Trier interviews. In the fall of 2013, Casper and Sigmeth spent 3 months in Hollywood scoring the hip Amazon comedy series, BETAS.

After eight years apart, The Great Depression decided to pursue the muse again. The result was ‘In a Starry State,’ a Science Fiction romance that evokes a telepathic girl from a parallel universe named Psirene and finds the band on a search for lost Gnostic wisdom deep in the woods where the sky is alive and magic is afoot…

A corresponding short film can be found at:


“Like a dinghy full of Kurt ‘Lambchop’ Wagner’s relations and their instruments sent out to sail in perpetuity, this is an album that requires patience, time and preferably a pair of old-fashioned, chunky headphones to listen through. Sigur Ros would no doubt approve. This is accomplished, sophisticated, heartfelt music where you’re never far away from a stunning lyrical couplet or surprising burst of rasping energy.”

“Seriously High-quality Indie-rock…Tear-inducting Gorgeous

“Melding sweeping chamber pop, dirge-like shoegaze and hookable rock makes The Great Depression a curious trip, but not one without rewards.”

“A woozy concoction of reflective melodies and moody atmospheres, held together by Todd Casper’s spare vocals and some truly spine-tingling instrumental arrangements… one of those rare, dreamy records you’d actually choose to fall asleep to.”

“The Great Depression are a concept everyone should realize”

“Elegantly constructed from first to last, this is a strong contender for album of the year”

“Intense…Alluring…Seductive…Intoxicating…Undeniable beauty”

“Quite simply a beautiful, sublime album. Marvelous.”

“A bold and endearing masterpiece of melancholic sermon…an incredible creative statement.”

Todd Casper – voices, electric & acoustic guitar, piano
Tom Cranley – bass, synthesizers, programming voices
Chadwick Nelson – drums, programming
Brent Sigmeth – electric guitar, pedal steel, engineering
Wendy Lewis – backing voices

Produced by The Great Depression
(Todd Casper, Tom Cranley, Chadwick Nelson, Brent Sigmeth, with Wendy Lewis)
Recorded and mixed at Littlebig Studio by Brent Sigmeth
Mastered at Magneto Mastering by David Gardner