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The last thing The Honeydogs’ lead singer songwriter Adam Levy wants his band to be is a Sunshine Committee. You know, the cloying co-workers who attempt to bring a little Trojan Horse happiness to the dysfunctional corporation on the eve of mass layoffs with flowers, pizza, ribbons, lace, and cupcakes?  No, the Honeydogs have chosen a tough path, singing about serious subject matter always avoiding the maudlin and producing some music of great emotional intensity, complexity and beauty.

Starting with 2001’s brilliant day darkener, Here’s Luck, the band charted a course of, as Paste magazine said, capturing “the Zeitgeist of this anxious era.” The follow-up, 10,000 Years, was hailed as the bands’ masterpiece–a concept album based on Levy’s experiences in social work telling the story of a poor urban test tube kid’s rise and fall during a genocidal apocalypse in the not-so-distant future.  In 2006 the band released Amygdala, a record thematically exploring fear in its varied forms–abandonment, losing children, war & death, aging, social decay.

As always, the band refers to the traditional soul and rock touchstones while creating something interesting, unpredictable, insightful, and moving: shades of the Stones’ Exile on Main Street, Fresh-era Sly Stone, twilight Hendrix and Revolver-esque Beatles, all with Levy’s surreal, evocative and enigmatic lyrics winding sinuously through the savory mix.

In 2009 the band emerges with an offering considerably more hopeful in these desperate times. The tracks on Sunshine Committee reflect a complex, often nuanced intersection of art and humanity while marking a return to a more live, rocking sound.

“The Honeydogs’ new EP, Sunshine Committee, is the band’s most boisterous batch of brainy pop in years.”  THE ONION

“Nearly 15 years and nine albums later, the band’s lineup has evolved and expanded, but they are still creating their inquisitive, intellectual brand of organic, hooky indie rock. Their first album in three years, Sunshine Committee, builds and elaborates on that formula.”  CITY PAGES

“The band channels Revolver-era Beatles perfectly on Balaclava and we get pretty funky a la Lenny Kravitz or Sly Stone on the laid back Stash. There are enough influences here to spread things around and Levy does a great job arranging the material with the assistance of his crew.”  POWERPOPAHOLIC

“Sunshine Committee from The Honeydogs is a 24 minute, 6 song mini-album that has its shelves stocked with all the elements of that make this band so special. Like “Yankee Foxtrot Hotel”(Wilco) written with early McCartney/Badfinger steroid-ridden melodies. But, of course, music this good is much harder to describe…Extremely highly recommended, as always with these Dogs.”  NOT LAME

“The Honeydogs and their enigmatic frontman are so at the top of their game it isn’t even funny…From the triumphant, horn-tastic title track to the extended jam-ready closing number “Levers, Pulleys & Pumps,” these Twin Cities mainstays are making all of our other favorite bands look bad with their unfailing consistency. The Honeydogs will play alongside acts like Wilco and the Dave Matthews Band at this summer’s 10,000 Lakes Festival in Detroit Lakes (where this EP’s song Stash will undoubtedly go over quite well).”  DULUTH BUDGETEER NEWS

“Good Fight, a new song from the upcoming Honeydogs Sunshine Committee EP, could very well be the mantra for the long standing Minneapolis based band. While many bands and trends have come and gone, the Honeydogs have been a pop music institution in the Twin Cities for over 14 years. Their latest EP collects the usual suspects, with literate pop songs mixing with the white boy funk…If it means writing more songs like Good Fight and records like Sunshine Committee, then lets hope Levy and crew will keeping fighting the good fight for a very long time.”  CULTUREBULLY.COM

“Adam Levy’s masterpiece.” MINNEAPOLIS STARTRIBUNE

“I love The Honeydogs. Lyrics that displayed a social conscience, melodies I wish I had written and really interesting arrangements. And now here’s 10,000 years. I love this record. Great pop songs.  Everyone should own this.” MICHAEL PENN

“I’ve been playing their new record every day since I first heard it. It’s a concept with great melodies and great lyrics and wonderful performances. A truly unique project but with classic pop songs…oh, if ever rock opera could be this well-conceived.” AIMEE MANN

“A monumental work of dark, moody pop.” CMJ

“A richly textured album with solid rock songs, atmospheric instrumentation, fluid melodies, and haunting lyrics.” BILLBOARD

“Arguably the best crafted American rock album since Jellyfish’s Spilt Milk (1993).” TORONTO NATIONAL POST

“Flat out beautiful and mesmerizing” LAS VEGAS WEEKLY

“Like a trip through the well-worn vinyl of a discerning collector…a triumphant piece of orch pop grandeur.” PHOENIX NEW TIMES

“The Honeydogs’ music captures the zeitgeist of this anxious era.” PASTE MAGAZINE

“The Honeydogs borrow from psychedelia, power pop, folk-rock, jazz and Bossa Nova without ever slavishly mimicking any one.” NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

”Adam Levy continues to be one of the best songwriters of our time.” VINTAGE GUITAR