Wesley Wolfe

The year 2011 has proven to be quite a productive one for Wesley Wolfe. After the release of last year’s much lauded Storage, he found himself invigorated with a fresh start and a cache of new and old material. He formed a four piece band to perform the Storage material live with kindred spirits Mike Glass (Fin Fang Foom, Mowing Lawns, Inspector 22) Al Jacob (commercial airplane pilot, recording engineer, owner of Chapel Hill’s Warrior Sound studio) and Chris Girard (Spider Bags, Inspector 22). He played the most live shows of his solo career, and received the honor of being the first performer to be chosen for the 2011 Hopscotch Festival in Raleigh, NC.
He folded up his old recording gear, acquired a new Protools rig, and not only taught himself how to use it, but immediately recorded the present album, Cynics Need Love TooWhat was initially conceived as a free, digital only EP – a way for him to learn his new recording tools and as a stopover until his next full length record—quickly took a life all its own. Cynics became the follow-up record. He took a step back and decided to flush it out, once again playing all the instruments himself. Simultaneously, he had been working on another full length record of original material, likely to be released in early 2012. After that, there are plans to record yet another album with his live band. Apparently, it has been a fruitful time of songwriting for Mr. Wolfe as well!
But this barely scratches the surface of his year. He also has been working as an engineer and co-producer for label mates Shit Horse, whose new album is currently in the works.  On top of that he is the mixing engineer for the forthcoming release by Chapel Hill’s Spider Bags. Still, there’s more— in March of this year, he took a trip to a little village in Germany. For four days he apprenticed with a sorcerer of fidelity—a genius engineer who shall remain mysterious. Wes returned to the states with a made-to-order vinyl lathe cutting recorder. He now stands amongst a small group people in the world who owns one, and his stories of the process and cast of characters surrounding the machine read like a “The Da Vinci Code” of vinyl. Lathe “trolls”. Attempts to steal schematics. An utter under world full of intrigue.
But in the end it was all worth it, for Wes’s master plan is within grasp. He can now cut his own records to vinyl. Personally! Every vinyl copy of Cynics Need Love Too will be hand-cut by Wesley Wolfe. Its doesn’t get much more DIY than that, and it truly doesn’t get any more personal from the artist to the listener. In this day of digital downloads and not even having to leave the house to acquire music, it seems to be just what the doctor ordered.