Music publishing with us is generally is an invite only opportunity. Albeit any relationship between a promoter and a client is by invite.  The agent agrees to represent a catalog and the artist chooses the agent to present their music.

Our Specialty at Tinderbox remains cable television. We have enjoyed a tremendous amount of success in this area. Collectively we’ve been at it a long time. Our very first placements began in episodes of infamous animated series like DARIA and Bevis and Butthead and blossomed into a wide variety of series and network over the years. Cable TV uses a wide variety of cost saving independent music in its productions. We occasionally have themes, films and commercial placements.

Tinderbox’s television placements include hundreds of cuts annually at MTV Networks, The Discovery Network & Discovery ID, ABC & ABC Family, VH1, USA Network, NBC, FOX & FOX SPORTS1 , FOX Sports Regional, NASCAR Productions, The Speed Network, SHOWTIME, BRAVO, Lifetime Television, ETV!, TNT, Style Network, Sony Pictures, E!TV, TLC, The PGA, Animal Planet, The Oprah Winfrey Network, FORD Motors, NFL Films, Delta Airlines, CNN, Al Jazeera Network, MLB Network, Emerging Pictures, G4 Television, Oxygen Network, Nelvana Canada, Monday Night Football, Hotsnakes Media, Gurney Productions, Left Right Pictures, ESPN, and VH1.

Note worthy clients include: Ingrid Michelson, Imagine Dragons and Twenty One Pilots.

Generally at Tinderbox we avoid re-titling or ownership of your music unless it’s a large sync able catalog. Occasionally we engage in full publishing deals, signing an artist to a contract and controlling copyright. A note worthy example would be Peter Lawton and Craig Wright who were signed as exclusive staff writers to the publishing department at Tinderbox. Craig was tenured by HBO as a staff writer for their Six Feet Under series. In Craig’s second season he was nominated for two Emmy Awards. He recently was a screenwriter for the movie Peabody and Sherman

Since 1998, the publishing division has had a satellite office located on Eighteenth Ave on Music Row in Nashville.

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