Check out NACC’s Industry Interview with Tinderbox’s very own Brandon Day.

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Tinderbox Music

Tinderbox is a music promotions company. We work with unsigned, indie label, and major label artists across the country by obtaining press and radio airplay in appropriate markets and formats. We specialize in college radio and the artists that fit the NACC and secondary FM and community formats.

Who We've Worked With


Gregory Alan Isakov


Twenty One Pilots


Ingrid Michaelson

Meat Puppets



Camper Van Beethoven

Imagine Dragons

Goodbye June


Jon- GREAT seeing you last week. You have truly one of the most amazing staffs out there. Every single one absolutely gives a s#!t about what they do and about helping the artist. Kudos.

Liz Cousins

Notorious Radio

Brandon, Thanks for sending your great stuff our way!

Music Director

WITR Radio

Thanks for the thorough update. Holy canvas of the H-dogs world to date, batman! Nice work…I have enjoyed your enthusiasm, appreciated your responsiveness to my questions and have been impressed by your knowledge of press and media. You’ve been one of the few we have been able to count on.

Adam Levy

The Honeydogs

God, it’s satisfying to see a well-oiled machine in action. Thanks for this and all the other terrific things you’ve done for us!

Matt Wilson

Trip Shakespeare, The Twilight Hours

Grant, thank you for all your help and your wildly crunchy number work. It was very fun having you around and I could not have done it alone, that’s for sure.

Dan Wilson


Hey Jon, I just wanted to give you an idea of how well the placement on Real World has worked out for me…I just got my iTunes sales through just the first week after the episode aired, and I did almost $2,000 in sales that week alone! Amazing. Thank you again for all your work!

Juliet Lloyd

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